This Week's Curriculum

 November 28- December 2, 2011



We will be working on the following skills:


*Students will complete an FCAT Practice test each Wednesday.  This test will focus on reading comprehension.

  • Make predictions based on the pictures in a story
  • Listen and respond to a text
  • Build background knowledge
  • Develop vocabulary to understand the story
  • Respond to a text through writing
  • Understand story structure help with comprehension
  • Ask and answer questions about a text

Word Work 

  • Words with ai, ay


Phonemic Awareness

  • Substitute Phonemes 



  • nursery, shake, smooth, whenever, hours, alone, real, museum



  • Apply place value concepts for a non-standard addition algorithm
  • Develop flexible thinking for 2-digit addition using compensation
  • Solve problems using the strategy draw a diagram
  • Estimate sums of 2-digit numbers
  • Model 2-digit addition with regrouping


  • Identify and write different kinds of sentences
  • Use circle maps to generate ideas for a topic
  • Use tree maps organize ideas that go together
  • Write an informational paragraph to give information
  • Write a narrative paragraph using pronouns and details


  • Identify where the major human body parts are located in the body
  • Describe the function of the brain, the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the muscles, and the skeleton.

Social Studies

  • Holidays Around the World



High Frequency Words

Journeys Words:  along, against, someone, night, part, morning, hold, bid, different, girl

SLC Words:  done, draw, drink, fast, change